Types Of Dance

7 Desired types of dance

Dance is more beneficial than the average individual understands. Mostly, we focus on serious, regimented exercises on gyms as the only way to stay active and enjoy the benefits of physical activities. The truth is, like other forms of body movement, dance can offer massive gains to the body. Different types of dances can offer physical, mental, and social advances.

types of dance

Here, we will briefly discuss seven desired types of dance you should seriously consider:

Hip Hop

Often referred to as street dance, Hip Hop is an edgy, raw, and intense urban dance that has its root in America. It is strongly linked to the African American culture and embraces such music genres as rap, urban, and of course, hip hop. One of the most outstanding things about hip hop is that it normally doesn’t follow predefined choreography. It’s an energetic dance that offers lots of physical benefits.


Often referred to as the backbone of dance, ballet is said to have originated in the 15th century in Italy and then in France. It remains one of the most popular types of dance and involves graceful, elegant, precise, and delicate movements that are generally pleasing. Furthermore, it takes intense training to become a professional ballet dancer, as the skills are difficult and fragile. Ballet offers a lot of advantages to dancers, including flexibility and physical fitness.

Commercial Jazz

Commercial Jazz is a highly choreographed dance form that has grown so popular in the last couple of decades. It can be described as a mixture of hip hop, jazz, and the latest dance steps. Featuring, sharp and fluid movements, popping and locking, as well as animated expressions similar to the current style of modern dance that is often seen in commercial video clips.


This is a special form of dance that combines classical dance techniques with precision acrobatic elements. Acrobatic dancers are basically athletic characters who are eager to learn and execute unique choreography that will blend acrobatics and dance. Acrobatics is a risky type of dance but can be extremely entertaining when executed properly.

Competition Aerobics

This is another type of dance that leans towards sports. In fact, it is mostly referred to as aerobic gymnastic or sport aerobics. Which involves high-intensity movement patterns performed to music. Competitive aerobics is also a choreographed dance that is very competitive in nature. Additionally, it’s a mixed-gender sport with different events for various groups of dancers.


This is another dance type that is heavily linked with the African American culture. Originating in the streets, this form of dance became quite popular in New York’s Bronx in the 1970’s. Break-dance, or breaking as it is often called, is one of the most athletic dance types in the world. Mostly danced solo, but it is not uncommon to see a break-dance group, involving either choreographed or free-form dance.


This is a sport-related dance type that takes different forms. Evolving massively over the years, with cheerleaders learning and incorporating different skills and moves to make the dance more entertaining. The primary purpose of cheer-leading is to offer encouragement to a team, and cheerleaders dance when their teams are playing a competitive game – football, soccer and NFL being the big ones.

Besides the seven desired dance steps discussed here, there are several others you can try. All types of dance are beneficial to humans; you just need to identify the ones that give you the most joy.

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